Most of the people consider sex as just an enjoyment and the pleasure. Undoubtedly sex is all about enjoying the pleasure but there are other benefits of sex. Do you know that sex can do different magic on your health? Yes, it can do a lot on your health which some of the pills and injections that you take could not do. Sex is a medicine that can unleash health in your body. Next time when you are gearing up for sex make your best on bed with your partner. Sex is healthy for your body and mind. Let’s check some of the health benefits of sex.

Bikini body

Good for heart

Sex benefits the health of your heart. Studies reveal that having a good intense sex can increase the health of the heart because an intense sex session produces results equal to the health results of walking. As how walking is good for heart, sex is also. The risk of heart attack is reduced because of healthy sexual life.

Pain relief

Sex can be a best pain reliever as the intense sex produces exciting orgasm which alleviates the pain. Studies reveal that orgasm can relive menstrual pains for women. Next time you prepare for sex remember you can feel the difference in pain and attempt a shuddering orgasm.

Stress relief

Pleasures are explored and experienced through sex and it is the ultimate aim of sex. Having intense sex session and enjoying the pleasure opens the pleasure pathways of the brain and reduces the stress. Many people feel that sex reduce their stress. Try as frequent as possible to have sex and beat the stress with pleasure.

Glowing skin

Healthy or enjoyable sexual life can keep the person to look young. Studies reveal that healthy sexual life results in younger look and prevents wrinkles and blemishes in skins. As the person feel the pleasure, blood flushes under the skin and increases the glow of the skin.